Want to become apart of something sweet and delicious? Welcome to the Vanilla Remastered's team.

Game maintainers

Project leader of an assigned game alone or with a group. Weekly reporting of progress within the assigned game. Making official announcements and posts in reference to your game. Maintaining releases through proper channels and documenting any additional information of the release.

Beta Testers

Participants assigned by Maintainers testing private releases and reporting them. Beta Testers are allowed to test various games and releases to provide the best efficiency throughout Vanilla Remastered series.

FAQ Team

The FAQ Team is our standby assistant team members designated to answer some of your most common basic questions and assist in support. If a FAQ Team member can't help you then let's move onto Staff. Staff - Any member ass

Staff Team

Signed Staff are official members of the Vanilla Remastered team. Although there are Maintainers, Beta Testers, and even the FAQ Team. These are open groups and the Maintainers choose who they welcome aboard their project. The Vanilla staff provide assistance and support within their projects.